Hey guys

I`m relativ new to UE4 and really need some help...
I think it should be very easy for advanced users but I couldnt find the right answer for DAYS now... ^^

02 InScene.jpg

I'm using the VR template scene of UE4.13.2, so got that hands and teleport function and stuff like that. Now I want to use a usual menu (widget) to change the color of a static mesh.
I already got the interaction between the hands skeleton mesh and the widget but I cant find out how to link the Buttons "clickedOn" event with the Dynamic Material in the Event Graph of the cubes (my static mesh here) blueprint...
There are soo many ways to link this but noone worked for me... For example is it better to use the Vector Parameters in the Material or use 3 different Materials? And what to do with the Dispatchers in the Widget BP?

Thanks for any Help!!
Best regards,

01 SceneSetup.jpg

03 Widget BP EventGraph.jpg

04 Mesh BP EventGraph.jpg

05 Mesh BPConstructionScript.jpg